News for 2013

Bird Hills hosted the normal post Christmas event, although with the weather being the way it was it was more akin to a mud bath!

Torrential rain and gale force winds welcomed 20 players to the first tee. Many mutterings of "this is crazy", "should have stayed at home", "if this doesn't stop I'm walking in after 9" were being muttered, but no one heard over the noise of the wind!

10 members were matched by 10 guests - welcome to all the guests and we hope some of you will join us again soon.

Unfortunately our roving reporter was not around today, we think he got blown off the christmas tree and hurt his back, so no course news this time.

To the results:
Only 1 person calmed the conditions to play to handicap, so 1st place and winner with 36 points is Frazer Webb. Well played Frazer, you must have topped every shot to keep it under the wind :-)

It was close for 2nd, with 5 players scoring 34 points, but the order after countback ended up Tony Boon (Guest) in 2nd, Dave Evendon (Guest) in 3rd, Mark Brogden (Guest) in 4th, Bryan Carter in 5th and Les Wheeler (guest) in 6th.

Skill prizes:
Nearest the Pin on the 15th: Les Wheeler (Guest)
Nearest the Pin in 2 on the 17th: Kevin Harris
Longest Drive on the 18th: Kevin Harris
Nearest the Pin in 3 on the 18th: Paul Donlevy

Team event:
Our usual 'Team Yellow Ball' competition took place in tandem with the Stableford individual. Like with the individual event, the team event was close and was decided on countback.
Winning Team: Bryan Carter, Tony Boon and Dave Wood with 66 Points.

2nd place Team: Frazer Webb, Paul Donlevy, Peter Carfare and John Waghorn also with 66 points.

Stand in roving reporter: Rudolph the wet nosed platypus!

You can see the full set of results on the results page

Pine Ridge hosted our Christmas event for the first time. The weather was kind and no where near as cold and wet as last years. The course was in good condition which is credit to the green keepers. It was also great to see 5 guests and look forward to seeing some return in the future.

A couple of notable events:
  • Bryan Carter played in his 100th Bunkers event joining yours truly in the '100 Club.'

  • Dave Shorter made his wish by walking a round of golf following his "episode" earlier in the year.

  • Hole 14 saw Nigel Warren walking in front of his playing partner, watch him take a shot to see it coming towards him, mistimed his jump and now wears a bruise of remembrance - good shot Peter C :-), poor timing Nigel :-(

  • Alan Mills blamed ringing the bell on the previous hole for a bad shot - Tut Tut excuses excuses.

  • The yellow ball peril surfaced on hole 1, Ian tried hard to lose it by pushing it into the tree's, punched the ball out, wedge to the green and sunk a 25 foot putt for a Par.

  • Chris T chipped in on the 15th.

  • Group 2 tried hard to take out the green keeping staff twice by aiming at them whilst raking bunkers.

  • Frazer on the 17th tried a different route to nearest the Pin, via a tree! Nearly worked - Not!

  • Ian hit his Tee shot on the 17th onto the 18th Tee where Dave S, Chris and Darren were getting ready to Tee off. Three heads peered around the tree where Ian said, its OK, missed them, they're all looking back towards us!!

  • To the results:
    1st Dave Evans - 44 Points
    2nd Tony Browne - 41 Points
    3rd Chris Turvill - 38 Points
    4th Bryan Carter - 38 Points

    Skill prizes:
    Nearest the Pin on the 17th: Roy Bird (Guest)
    Longest Drive on the 11th: Chris Turvill
    Nearest the Pin in 2 on the 16th: Tony Browne
    Nearest the Pin in 3 on the 18th: Bryan Carter

    Team event:
    Our usual 'Team Yellow Ball' competition took place in tandem with the Stableford individual. Six Teams, Six Yellow Balls, each numbered so any losses could be easily identified if found by the following teams. Well, thanks to a dog walker who handed the yellow ball labelled 1 back to my group (on hole 3!), all 6 yellow balls returned, which is a first. Also, despite many protestations from Team 6, players Bryan, Tony and Dave Evans came in with a mammoth 84 points, only 80 points in front of team 1!!

    Winning Team: Bryan Carter, Tony Browne and Dave Evans with 84 Points.

    The photo shows our stand-in Captain presenting the trophy to winner Dave Evans. Congratulations Dave.

    Roving reporter: Ian Turvill

    You can see the full set of results on the results page

    Lambourne Golf Club again played host to Bunkers Golf Society final match of the season.

    The Autumn Eagle Plate and the Order of Merit were the trophies up for grabs. The Eagle Plate was open to all but the order of merit was only available to a couple of players. Chris and Bryan were level on points and both had an 8 to drop, mathematically Mark T and Frazer Webb could also be in with a shout - maths and golf though are worlds apart much like their chances!! Late drop out due to a family bereavement meant all Bryan had to do was finish better than 4th or be 4th and win a skill prize. Could he do it??

    19 Players (2 guests) braved the weather forecast - torrential rain and winds, well to those who withdrew due to Man Flu etc. missed a really nice day, although a little drizzle at the start the clouds blew gently away to leave a very pleasant afternoon and all returned dry, many in short sleeved shirts. Good old Met Office!!

    The course as before was in good nick and the staff always make us welcome.

    Some notable comments on the day:
  • Paul Risk, last month's winner - looked a little nervy on the first, playing with Matt and our friendly Pro Chris Hebdon, took a Nine, followed by a Nine then a circled Ten. He did settle down after Chris gave him a tip - There was a bit of SH*T on the club, when he had cleaned the head - Chris then told him it was at the other end!!

  • Paul Risk, although in general had an off day, he managed to pick up two skill prizes.

  • Paul Beard, on the NP3 (12th) took his tee shot and pulled it to the left, he was very restrained not banging his club on the ground but did jump up and down a few times - a little Oompa-Loompa from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was the vision seen by Ian T and Dave Shorter.

  • Dave Shorter on the Par 5 14th, Tee shot across the road, did not quite make it but how unlucky he was to hit the curb, a huge bounce followed but alas only to find the ball back on the original side of the road.

  • Frazer's putter was on fire the front nine, but particular note on 5th and 6th holes with 25 yard birdie putt on 5, and 20 foot par putt on 6.

  • On the short par 3 across the water, Wags visited the water, becoming suicidal his playing partners thought he might try and drown himself, a quick thought then a smile of relief - it will be OK, he would not be able to keep his head down that long!!

  • Skill prizes:
    Nearest the Pin on the 17th: Colin Turvill
    Longest Drive on the 6th. Frazer Webb
    Nearest the Pin in 2 on the 15th: Paul Risk
    Nearest the Pin in 3 on the 12th: Paul Risk

    So no skill prizes for Bryan, could he better his 8 and come in the Top 3 to snatch the order of merit. He was in 3rd Place (2nd in OOM - Guest Chris H was club House Leader) before the 'Grandad's in buggies' group returned and was looking pretty happy. All was to change, Ian sneaked in with a net 73 and took the lead but this still left Bryan OK, Paul Beard's Card had not be completed and a short period passed when, after double checking and looks of amazement, Paul's card showed a net 74 so there was no change to the order from the last event with Chris T and Bryan sharing the trophy, well done both.

    Top 3 in the Stroke Play Event:
    3rd Paul Beard with a net 74
    2nd Chris Hebdon (G) with a net 74 on count back
    1st Ian Turvill with a net 73

    Our next event is the Christmas Bash at Pine Ridge on Friday 13th December 2013. We will also hold our AGM after this event so if you are not playing please make an effort to get there for this.

    Roving reporter: Ian Turvill

    You can see the full set of results on the results page

    This seasons final Order Of Merit can be seen here

    A hot, almost cloudless sky saw Leatherhead play host to the Kestrel Cup for 2013. The course was in excellent condition but appeared to play tougher than before as the scores were the lowest since we started playing here. 15 Players ventured out - a low turnout but did include our captain Mark Harris this time - obviously he has mastered the holiday booking form. Also, our first member of the 100 club, yours truly has now played in 100 events for Bunkers.

    Excuses before the first Tee, Mark Turvill pulled out his 9 Iron from the bag only to find the handle was somewhat flexible and had to leave early for another engagement - was this a premonition of what was to come ? On the first Tee his Driver went a long way and the next shot was a simple flick with - guess what - a 9 Iron, so he tried to manufacture something - a shank was not quite what he had in mind, it obviously set him up for the round as he limped home with a low score of 21 and became the strongest man. He did have some luck, on the par 3-9th, he badly hooked his tee shot only to strike a tree and rebound in front of the green -round did not improve much. To think it was only 2 matches ago he won the event, as they say; 'After the Lords Mayor Show comes the Dustcart' Not being able to stay saved from some considerable ribbing.

    Peter Carfrae & Michael Prevost tried to psych players out with some very quick witted yet sharp comments like 'Laurel & Hardy', 'Ian Woosnam' look alike, 'Greg Norman' Styled head gear, all good harmless banter.

    Chris T took three shots to get to the first green, all in regulation as it was a par five, but he used a pitching driver followed by two pitching wedges!!

    As usual a couple of Trolley incidents, yours truly pushed the trolley out of eye line only to flick the switch and watch the trolley gather pace - fortunately towards Risky who calmly stopped it, turned it round and sent it back from whence it came. It would not be a bunkers event without Paul Beard running after a trolley, only this time he was a hero, chasing Tony Browne's trolley.

    Other happenings:

    Time for a joke, courtesy of Peter C:
    Golfer: 'I'd move heaven and earth to break 100 on this course'
    Caddy: 'Try Heaven, you've already moved most of the earth'

    So to the Prizes:
    Longest Drive - Chris T for the 13th Time
    Nearest the pins - yes all three, Frazer Webb
    Runner Up - The Eternal Bridesmaid Bryan Carter - lost on count back with 35 points
    Winner - Paul Risk with 35 points
    Raffle was won by John Waghorn.

    Our next event is the strokeplay event at Lambourne. Get your names in quick but more importantly please pay - No Pay equals No Play as numbers being put forward will be limited to those who have paid.

    Roving reporter: Ian Turvill

    You can see the full set of results on the results page

    The current Order Of Merit can be seen here

    Wokefield Park near Reading hosted our August 2013 event. Our first visit and all looked forward to it. The course did not quite match our expectations with the greens and fairways very hard and so difficult to control - a reflection on the dry period we are in which the weather on the day showed also. The course housed a number of bunkers also which many people visted.

    Once again our Captain - Mark Harris could not be there due to the strict management structure not allowing him time off - come on Beardy - train him on holiday form completion!! Mark - we miss you and yes we all had showers!

    It was nice to see Michael Prevost back after 8 months without playing golf following knee surgery - below is a picture of proof - not a pretty sight:

    The Chairman's Cup saw initially 22 players which dropped to 19 on the day, Colin once again put his back out and Dave Evans having to pull out, Tim Philips obviously got lost on route and never arrived - has anyone seen a lost soul with a golf bag on his back? It was nice to see Nigel Warren again and he has already signed up for Leatherhead. So 6 - 3balls took to the course.

    Frazer, Nigel and Peter Carfre where the first to Tee off followed by - well we don't know - a 3 ball snuck in - where did they come from - society spies may be.

    From the course:

    To the prizes:
    Longest Drive on the 11th - Mark Turvill
    Nearest Pin on the 12th - Tony Browne
    Nearest the Pin in 3 on the 18th - Bryan Carter - 12" from the pin
    Nearest the Pin in 2 on the 7th - Chris T, again very close

    Michael Prevost - 36 points - so we will see him in another 8 months - practice not required!

    Chris T on 35 on count back nudging Brother Matt into 3rd.

    The raffle was won by Nigel Warren.

    Our next event is the Kestrel Cup at Leatherhead. Get your names in quick but more importantly please pay - No Pay equals No Play as numbers being put forward will be limited to those who have paid.

    Roving reporter: Ian Turvill

    You can see the full set of results on the results page

    The current Order Of Merit can be seen here

    Badgemore Park again hosted our all-day event, one major difference from last year - the Weather - it could not have been better - Sun Shining on a golf course in pristine condition.

    Unfortunately our current Captain could not be there and Paul Healy had to pull out at the last minute due to ill health - get well soon Paul.

    The day started with us all congregating on the terrace for breakfast -

    And a nice panoramic one of the whole terrace group by Matt T

    Frazer was not the only one eating - after completing cards for the event he was the last to eat.

    So once all breakfast's were devoured clearing was necessary - Peter Carfrae opted to help the staff only to drop the ones he collected - so dutifully picked up the pieces and placed them back on the table where they came from!
    Now for the first of the day's events. As usual we had our team competition with the first hole being played by all followed by Texas Scramble for holes 2-9, each player requiring two tee shots, plus our Hickory skill prizes. Much debate on the first Tee on which club - driver, wood, iron. John Thorp discussing tactic's with his driver (buggy not club!!). Brothers Colin and Ian are seen below checking how to play it - playing with the new Apps on their phones - did they go to the same outfitters too?

    The team of Colin, Kevin and Wags saw a new golfing move - a back double pike - witnessed by Kevin and Colin as Wags performed the move - how could this move be done I hear you ask? Well, perform a shot, step backwards to admire it and fall backwards over you team mate's trolley - where is the video footage?!

    The Hickory skill prize for nearest the pin won by Kevin Harris on the 4th -- several people hitting the green - an improvement from last year. Chris T drove into the greenside bunker, his second shot ended an inch from the pin - admired by his group. The longest drive won by Mark Turvill on the 7th where he hit further than I managed with a normal club in the afternoon!!

    The competition was won by the group of Matthew T, Darren A and Paul Beard with a net score of 31, five other teams followed closely with 32 and 33 points, one group lagged with 38 points - Ian T, Tony P and Dave S.

    So the main event of the day - The Captains Cup - 21 players contested, the usual raffle plus the individual betting saw bets only on a few people, Wags the only one bet on himself - ever the optimist. Could our defending champion - who also won last month's event, retain the title? Not much reported on the course, Ian putted a 25 foot putt on the 5th for a birdie, only thing he hit straight all day. John Thorp's longest drive attempt went through the tree in the fairway - well they are 90% air so I am told and landed just short of the fairway bunker where two players were playing out from! A couple of club throwing instances - one such will require a visit to the repair shop.

    A few pictures from the 1st tee. The first is Macca showing his hairy legs, the second is Risky showing off his new stance at address! What is he doing with the club!?

    To the prizes:
    Longest Drive on the 14th - John Thorp
    Nearest Pin on the 4th - Colin Turvill
    Nearest the Pin in 3 on the 2nd - Mark Turvill
    Nearest the Pin in 2 on the 18th - Frazer Webb in the final group
    Winner: Mark Turvill with a very good 38 Points and a new winner (no player has won the event twice at Badgemore).
    Second: Bryan the bridesmaid with a steady 36 Points.
    The raffle was won by John Thorp and betting competition was not won by anyone - no one believed Mark T could do it. The monies now will help sponsor an event later in the year.

    See you all at a brand new course for us Wokefield Park on 12th August.

    The photo shows Viceroy Tony Peters presenting the 1st prize to winner Mark Turvill.

    Roving reporter: Ian Turvill

    You can see the full set of results on the results page

    The current Order Of Merit can be seen here

    The Drift once again welcomed us, the course being in great condition having been set up for a regional match a few days earlier. The weather was great, best of the year and definitely better than last year. Only 15 players this time so order of merit points were there to be had!

    Before the game, much talk about players not liking the course and never scoring well, but no one could actually say why! Macca even on his facebook account states, 'well off to play golf at the Drift where I never score well' & even repeats this to other players whilst on the course - don't believe him folks. How would Chris fair with his single figure handicap after last month's win?

    On the course the trees took their prisoners, my group - Frazer & Darren on the first - Darren into the trees, Ian over the trees to the 5th Fairway central, Frazer steps up muttering I am not going to go to the right - wrong - also ended up on the 5th but not as far as Ian's. Six trees later we were back on the 1st fairway! Many others also taking fondly of the trees.

    After blobbing 9, 10 & 11 Mark Harris was ready to go home, yours truly continued my wayward start and after losing a 4th ball in four shots (Tee shots on the 5th and 6th) muttered - I give up - or words to that effect! Even steady Bryan had a bad day with many approach shots skimming through the green.

    A little bit of trivia, how many blobs today by all? Only 63!!

    The skill prizes this time were a little one sided, Frazer Webb was close to winning all 4 but on NP3 rolled just off the back of the green - well done Frazer.

    Looking at the results, the event could have been played by two players as they won everything! Macca with a winning score of 39 points (matching his waist size!:) also won NP3.

    Other notable performances, Paul Risk came second with 35 points, the lessons are working, just edging Paul Healy on count back and Chris also did not suffer with a single figure handicap getting 34 points, Dave Flavell gets his first order of merit points for the season - well done all.

    Results were:
    Winner: Paul Donlevy AKA Macca - 39 Points
    Strongest man: Dave Shorter
    Longest Drive: Frazer Webb
    Nearest Pin: Frazer Webb
    Nearest Pin in 2: Frazer Webb
    Nearest Pin in 3: Paul Donlevy

    See you all at the all-dayer at Badgemore on the 12th July.

    The photo shows Captain Mark Harris presenting the 1st prize to winner Paul Donlevy.

    Roving reporter: Ian Turvill

    You can see the full set of results on the results page

    The current Order Of Merit can be seen here

    Firstly, All Bunkers members were amazed and really pleased to welcome Dave Shorter back to playing status and hope this helps with his continued recovery. A close eye was kept on him by his future Son-in Law who walked whilst his Uncle Colin hitched a ride with Dave - keep the young ones fit.

    We returned to Pine Ridge for another 'Hook and Slice Masters'. Last year the event was won by Mark Harris with a score of 43 points - could this be matched?? Could John Thorp stay on his feet the whole way round and not break any bones?? We also welcomed Paul Healy to his first game as a member - a new name for a trophy in the future.

    The course was once again set up well for a society and the greens very consistent. As usual a lot of chat on how close they were, or if only I had done this or not done that or how many Putts did not drop!! John Thorp did manage to not break any bones, on the first Tee he was obviously worried though and managed to hit a Tee shot that did not pass the ladies Tee - recovered well to card a 5, he did fall over though on the 11th where he fell up the steps onto the Tee but thankfully stood up unscathed. The trees, although a lot of them, often allowed you to find the ball and play out, Colin and Dave Shorter spent a lot of time in the trees', John Thorp's second shot on the 18th hit a tree square on and rebounded back towards to the Tee.

    The skill prizes were a subject of much discussion, the final 3 holes of the round saw the nearest the pin holes. In 2 on the short 16th saw Mark Harris's tee shot reach the green side bunker and the next shot ended inches from the hole. Well done Mark. The 17th for nearest the pin was hotly contested with Ian T and Chris T both beating the holder Colin T, Chris being inches closer than Dad. The final hole was even nervier, with the leader in the club house watching intently, Matthew cursing anyone who was close having hit his 3rd Shot (a putt) to within a few inches, along came the last group, Mark T's second shot was just off the green, could his third go in the hole - sadly not - Matt breathed a sigh of relief. The longest Drive, on the 10th, was won by Darren who has only won this once before.

    The event was won by Chris T who did not match Mark H's 43 points last year but did come close. He played holes 7 to 18 in level par with 1 bogey, 10 pars & 1 birdie - great play Chris.

    Results were:
    Winner: Chris Turvill - 42 Points
    Strongest man: Dave Shorter
    Longest Drive: Darren Anderson
    Nearest Pin: Chris Turvill
    Nearest Pin in 2: Mark Harris
    Nearest Pin in 3: Matt Turvill

    See you all at The Drift on the 6th June.

    The photo shows Captain Mark Harris presenting the 1st prize to winner Chris Turvill.

    Roving reporter: Ian Turvill

    You can see the full set of results on the results page

    The current Order Of Merit can be seen here

    Firstly, All Bunkers members would like to wish Dave Shorter a speedy recovery and we look forward to welcoming him back onto the golf course soon.

    This year our April event returned to Mill Ride - Last played in 2009 where Frazer won with 34 points, the year before he also won but with only 28 points and in 2007 Jim Samuel won with 37 (next Person with 33). Does this tell you that the course is hard - definitely long - lots of water and greens that were not at their best resulted in another low scoring winner. The weather was great, lots of sun, a little breeze and several red necks, our captain leading the way - he also had a red face breaking a glass calling the society to order for his speech.

    As a tribute to the newly renamed "Red Neck" Golf Society, see if you can guess the necks!

    Before the results some reports from around the course:
  • Peter Carfrae on the Par 5-10th was concerned about the water for his third shot so he used the bridge like a Pin Ball Machine - Fair play Peter.

  • Risky has had lessons and a new swing looks the part - well for a least 4 shots - stick with it, it will improve!! On-course video here. Keep a close eye on how far the ball goes!

  • Frazer was very close to becoming the first Bunkers player to get a hole in one, hitting the pin, converting the putt to get a birdie on the 15th, good effort Frazer (Check the insurance policy before the next outing!).

  • Wags was suicidal after 3 holes but stuck to it, Matt, a winner in the first event this year, struggled, feeding the water and tree's with around 12 balls.

  • Frazer on the 2nd laid up before the water (topped t-shot), put 2nd shot into the water, dropped, hit his 4th into the water, so picked up and walked on!

  • John Thorp on the 3rd laid up before the water, put his second on the green and putted for a Par - good recovery.

  • The 3rd certainly provided a fair bit on entertainment as Peter Carfrae and Chris Turvill paid tribute to the Dambusters in successfully bouncing their tee shots across the water and on to dry land (Barnes Wallis would have been proud!)

  • On the Par 3 11th, Dave Flavell and I put our Tee shots in the water, my second went through the green, Dave's went into the water, my next played through the green in reverse and ...into the water, Dave's also found the water - picked up our clubs and walked on to the next Tee.

  • Still a lot of fun was had judging by the banter in the bar after.

    Results were:
    Winner: Darren Anderson - 33 Points
    Runner up: Bryan Cater
    Longest Drive: Dave Evans
    Nearest Pin: Frazer Webb
    Nearest Pin in 2: Paul Warren
    Nearest Pin in 3: Chris Turvill
    Strongest Man: Dave Flavell

    See you all at Pine Ridge on the 20th May,

    The photo shows our Captain Mark Harris presenting the 1st prize to winner Darren Anderson.

    Roving reporter: Ian Turvill

    You can see the full set of results on the results page

    The current Order Of Merit can be seen here

    The second event of the season was hosted by Burnham Beeches and provided great attendance.

    This time last year we all played in shirt sleeves and enjoyed the sun, however this year required a minimum of 3 layers of clothing.

    Despite the cold weather it stayed dry, the course played well and the club were very welcoming.

    Reports from around the course:
  • Welcome back Colin Turvill after nearly 2 years missing through various injuries - I am sure the cobwebs were well & truly dusted off!

  • Dave "Monkey" Evans arrived without appropriate dress code & promptly returned home to pick it up and still making his tee time.

  • Chris would like to thank Tony Peters for the lend of a tie after leaving his at home after putting it in a place he couldn't forget it!

  • Mark Harris was not playing at his best and after a blob flicked the ball up with his putter only to slap the ball flush into his chin - "cricket is not that easy Mark!"

  • Frazer "Arrow Straight" Webb hit the pin on the prize hole "nearest the pin in 3" - great shot Frazer.

  • The "rumours" are that the winner of the event heard reports who the closest rival was and strategically moved 2 tee positions as far right as possible. This helped restrict Mark 'Power Draw' Turvill's angle hitting both tee shots into the left rough and finishing just short in second place.

  • Just to show what a sociable society we are Peter Carfrae & John Thorp kept each other company on the beach, both splashing out impressively. The video proof can be found here!

  • So to the prizes. Again a very close event with 3rd to 14th place split by only 5 points. The top 2 however were 3 & 4 points clear. A resurgent Frazer Webb played a great round of golf to score 40 points - 20 on each half, edging out Mark Turvill by a single point. Well played Frazer.

    Results were:
    Winner: Frazer Webb
    Runner up: Mark Turvill

    Longest Drive: Chris Turvill
    Nearest Pin: Darren Anderson
    Nearest Pin in 2: Mark Turvill
    Nearest Pin in 3: Frazer Webb
    Strongest Man: Colin Turvill

    See you all at Mill Ride on the 23rd April - our 111th event in our history!

    The photo shows our Captain Mark Harris presenting the 1st prize to winner Frazer Webb.

    Stand-in roving reporter: Chris Turvill

    You can see the full set of results on the results page

    The current Order Of Merit can be seen here

    The season opener was again hosted by East Berkshire. A good turnout of 17, including 2 first time guests, ventured to the course and were greeted by mild & dry conditions overhead. On the whole the course was a lot wetter and despite 3 temporary greens played very well.

    A common theme is now appearing over each event with a big group of players bunched very tightly with their final scores. This event was no exception with 14 of the 17 players only separated by 7 points. However, our winner was found a further 7 points ahead of the main group.

    Before the results some reports from around the course:
  • Paul Beard was very busy on the course - presumably worried about making his evening function after the golf. He started the round with his trousers tucked in his socks, then took 3 shots to pass the ladies tee's on the 2nd finally pushed his trolley towards next tee forgetting he left the power on... cue him running after it!

  • Kevin Harris pushed his approach a long way right on the 5th, bounce off the 6th tee where the group in front were teeing off and bounce down each step to the path - we are more accustomed to seeing that type of golf at the crazy/adventure course.

  • John Thorp chipped in on successive holes - well done John

  • Chris Turvill managed to push his tee shot a long way right on the 9th only to hit the fence next to the path and rebound across to the front of the green.

  • John "Clint Eastwood" Waghorn: the good the bad and the ugly...chipped in on 16, broke a club (not on the same hole!) and was regularly heard chuntering to himself about the shot he had just attempted!

  • Mark Harris also joined in the fun with a chip in from 25yrds on the 3rd...thankfully it went in otherwise it would have been 25yrds past and very close to the ditch!

  • Mark, Tony, Chris & Alan had to push the course marshall's buggy out of the mud - unfortunately 2 of the 8 legs took on a large amount of mud from the spinning back wheels!

  • So to the prizes - Matt Turvill played some excellent golf after a slow start to post the large 40 points playing off his new reduced - 1 time only handicap of 15! It will be 13 next time out for Matt - well played.

    Results were:
    Winner; Matt Turvill
    Runner up; James Morris
    Longest Drive; Matt Turvill
    Nearest Pin; Bryan Carter
    Nearest Pin in 2; Kevin Harris
    Nearest Pin in 3; Kevin Harris
    Strongest Man; John Waghorn

    See you all at Burnham Beeches on the 27th March.

    The photo shows our Captain Mark Harris presenting the 1st prize to winner Matt Turvill. Mini me comes to mind with the hairstyles! Well done Matt.

    Information collection Executive; Matt Turvill
    VP Note taker and Columnist; Mark Turvill
    Editor in Chief; Chris Turvill

    You can see the full set of results on the results page

    The current Order Of Merit can be seen here