News for 2015

A very foreboding sky greeted us at Birds hill golf course, not to mention the gale force winds.

As we exited the car we all said in unison that we must be mad and what are we doing here, this was voiced by all the 18 players that came along to this prestigious event. It was good to see so many ex members of the society.

The teams were drawn and the yellow balls given out, only three had the mark of the new Vice captain. (Xmas match attendees will understand) It must be noted that these we not returned, some I'm told would only tee the ball up if they used there gloved hand?

The first Tee proved a challenge; most of the shots were propelled towards the 8th fairway due to the formidable cross wind. The wind maintained its energy throughout the match and some odd club selections were reported, but he forecast rain never materialised it only made a brief appearance towards the end of the match.

The side bet as to who would be the winner proved to favour Mr Healy, maybe due to his last outing success with the trouncing of everyone on nearest the pins. However this proved to be misplaced as his accuracy failed him, but he did manage to take the longest drive prize for the match.

The ex-member and a past captain Mr Mark Harris attended with some stunning Bright Purple trousers, comments we made about being too loud to be permitted in the club house, he stated that he has a similar pair which are bright Pink that he was going to wear, so we should be thankful for small mercies.

There we no fines for this outing, so all the stories of all the individuals rounds were not liberated, however watch this space.

To the results:
First Place in the event, but didn't get trophy - Mark Brogden
Second Place in the event, but didn't get trophy - Dave Evans
Third Place in the event, but first placed member, so did get the trophy - Bryan Carter

Skill Prizes:
Longest Drive - Hole 8 - Paul Healy
Nearest The Pin in 3 shots - Hole 18 - Kevin Harris
Nearest The Pin in 2 shots - Hole 17 - Mark Brogden
Nearest The Pin - Hole 16 - Dave Evans
Strongest Man - Dave Flavell
Team prize went to Team Harris.

The trophy winner, Bryan Carter, seen below with ex-Captain Beard.

Roving reporter: Paul Beard

You can see the full set of results on the results page

Hoebridge hosted this year's Christmas bash and 14 members and 1 guest ventured out on what turned out to be a very pleasant day, weather was fine, course was obviously wet but it played very well, the greens were on the slow side but at least you could throw the ball at the pin. The wind played its part, 3 of the 4 skill prize holes were into the wind. The 16th Par 3, playing 180 yards required a full driver plus.

Still, we are thinking of renaming this event to the Paul Healy invitational. He won this for the second year running and this year he won all the nearest the pin prizes, he tried to creep out after the AGM but clinking of the bottles made the task impossible. At least the longest drive went to Frazer, who reported that his driving was not an issue, it was just around the green and putting, often reaching the edge or on the green in two only to blob the hole!

Paul Beard's last match as captain was noted by him teeing of first, and sharing a buggy with Dave Flavell. Macca breathed a sigh of relief as he had a new trolley and was a couple of groups behind. The last time Macca had a new trolley, Captain Beard managed to run over it on the first hole, not even reaching the ladies Tee, this time it made all 18 holes unscathed!

Paul B and Dave F orienteering skills have not improved much as they turned up on the first Tee, wondered why a group had jumped in front of them, they were attempting to find the 10th!!

Prev made his mark, Looked like a Green Goddess on the first hole, he complained the wind took his sliced shot to the right- nothing do with the slice then?!! He managed one shot through his legs and even better, on one hole, his Tee shot went through his playing partners buggy' fortunately they were not in it at the time otherwise a lot of cleaning up would have been required.

Some of the above attracted a fine, others fines, such as Bah Hum Bug Frazer, John T, Macca and Matt for eating before the captain, Captain for not attending the last event which was partly chosen as it was closer to his house - he rubbed it in by sending a picture of clear blue skies from Portugal, Dave Shorter fined for his first Tee Shot - not because he failed with it, just because it was his first Tee shot and it attracted a big cheer!! Alan Sutcliffe got his days muddled up and wore Pink which was the captains day colour - he claims it was prawn - still pink!! Dave S did complete a practice swing which nipped the top of the ball - enough though for it to fall off the Tee.

Quote of the day must go to Dave Flavell, before we teed off he announced, on the 5th Hole - 'don't go down the middle', Dave, this is a bunkers event; we never go down the middle! Really, he meant it was boggy and was aimed a buggy drivers.

Last word must go down to Paul Healy, for the second time this year turned up with a non-engraved trophy! When checking, he was not the only one, Mark Harris and Dave Evans had also failed to complete this task for 2012 & 13.

The Yellow Ball Team competition this year had an extra challenge, who could hit Macca the furthest!! Yes, our captain produced yellow Balls with Macca's face on, I don't know but I am sure he winked at you just before you Tee'd off in an attempt to put you off! On completion of the rounds Macca looked no different, so we obviously did not strike the ball hard enough.

To the results:
First Place - Paul Healy
Second Place - John Thorp
Third Place - Paul Donlevy

Skill Prizes:
Longest Drive - Hole 8 - Frazer Webb
Nearest The Pin in 3 shots - Hole 3 - Paul Healy
Nearest The Pin in 2 shots - Hole 14 - Paul Healy
Nearest The Pin - Hole 6 - Paul Healy
Strongest Man - Frazer Webb
Team prize went to Ian T, Dave Shorter and Tony Peters.

The winner, Paul Healy, seen below with Captain Beard.

This is my last report as the roving reporter after 3 years in the role. I hope you have enjoyed reading some of the reports. I look forward to reading the new incumbent's renderings!
Roving reporter: Ian Turvill

You can see the full set of results on the results page

Well, what a difference a month makes! Fine weather last month not so fine this month, well even worse than that, about 50mm - 2" in old money - of rain fell before and during our round.

Sandford Springs gave a warm friendly welcome, returning after many years absence. Stroke play was the order of play and we were destined to play the Lakes and the Parks, well lakes and big puddles really, however, 16 stout gents eventually started following a couple of back issues and a wrong date, even fair weather Thorp managed to make it. Several people commented if John was OK, so fair dues John - we may have to drop the 'fair weather' but as only one outing in wet weather - not just yet!!

Below is Josh using a Marry Poppins's umbrella - was it just as magical - looking at the results - no.

As the groups Tee'd off, Dave - 1st Tee Shorter' stepped up. Well, rain must of made a difference - a spanking shot down the middle, was it a clone, no it was the real McCoy as later in the round his normal tee form returned, on one particular hole he managed to hit the ladies plastic Tee marker, he obviously middled it as the force shattered the poor little red marker, his ball disappeared, probably in embarrassment!

Darrell took over from Dave driving into the Lake - a real one - on the first hole.

Mark Turvill's tee shots were not the best part of his game, in fact he began to swing like a 55 year old was the description by his fellow players, but at least his shots went straight. At one time he even let his club go blaming the wet weather, the club going farther than the ball which did not make the ladies tee - at this Tee the marker was safe!!

Our last winner, Michael Prevost - Prev - was suicidal after 5 holes - he could see the order or merit disappearing in front of him - but then felt a slight twinge and miraculously his game improved.

One group, Darrell, Macca and Peter C got lost, could not find hole 27.

One group which our Captain of the day was part of played Stableford!

Well, the order of merit was decided today and the last group had the top four players in it. They all played really well and took the top four places in the match.

To the results:
First Place - John Thorp also taking the order of merit.
Second Place - Matt Turvill - 4th in OOM
Third Place - Chris Turvill - 2nd in OOM
Fourth Place - Michael Prevost - 3rd in OOM

Strongest Man - Josh Paxman
Skill Prizes
Longest Drive - Hole 4 Parks - Paul Healy
Nearest the Pin in 3 shots - Hole 10 Lakes - No one
Nearest the Pin in 2 shots - Hole 9 Parks - John Thorp
Nearest the Pin - Hole 2 Parks - Matt Turvill

JT receiving the match trophy.

JT receiving the order of merit.

Well done for a quite excellent season.

Roving reporter: Ian Turvill

You can see the full set of results on the results page

This seasons final Order Of Merit can be seen here

Good weather greeted us for our September event as we returned to Sand Martins after a break of several years. From the memory of those who played, the first few holes were shrouded in Fog so we could not see the danger. This year the weather was clear and danger clearly obvious. Was this the reason only about 5 of those who played managed to reach the corner!!

Three guests joined us, one being our resident Pro, Chris Hebdon - who got lost on route - not a good omen you would think, and yes he was one of the many who did not make the corner!! Darren Anderson had a car issue on route, suffering a puncture, fortunately it turned out fine and although he missed the start, caught up on hole 6.

This picture shows Darren deep in the S*!t on hole 7, a few moments earlier he attempted the shot from between the 2 saplings immediately to his right, unfortunately I could not get the camera out quick enough. So he had a blow out on the M25 and another on hole 7! At this point he wondered if he should have left the clubs in the car, as when he first arrived he did only to be persuaded to get them and try and play.

Hole 7 proved interesting for our captain also, an air shot, surprising really as he was carrying extra weight - not around the belly but under his nose - but not enough to keep his head down.

Darren had quite an eventful day as on hole 9, he hit his Tee shot onto the first fairway semi rough, his second shot - a chip shot towards the 9th fairway ended up in the semi rough of the 9th. His 3rd required a high shot over the trees towards the green, well, the shot went up high but slightly right - into the next tall tree, like a pin ball we could hear the ball bouncing from branch to branch, then a louder more gravel sound then the bridge, where will the ball stop, will it drop into the water, no, phew it landed some 7 yards from where he hit the ball and yes the trees were still in front, just a little closer!

Peter Carfrae, on the drop hole laid up, more than once, 4 times was the number I heard!! And then his shot over the drop pulled to the left, just made the drop and hit the path, a spinning ball then managed to remain on the path.

Darrell Domingo took on the first hole corner, got a little luck as the ball hit the tree and managed to go around the corner, a second shot to the green and then a 10 yard putt to walk off with a birdie. He parred the second and continued to blast around the first few holes outplaying his 19 handicap. Even on the 5th hole was on the green in two, but then took 4 putts and so his round started to wobble.

Ian T played down the first when playing the second, so managed to play across 3 lots of water but with a single putt parred the hole.

Matt T, 4 putted on two greens then blobbed the last only to find out he lost the match on countback!!

Frazer found a way to get extra bounce - using the roads!

What has Paul Beard got against trollies? A couple of years he drove over one, this time he pushed his own trolley into Josh's trolley knocking it over in the process. It fell in such a way that clubs went everywhere, it looked like a road crash.

And finally, it would not be a bunkers report without mentioning, first tee Shorter, yes he did it again!! But from then on he got it together finishing a very creditable 5th with 31 points and won nearest the pin.

Before the results, a mention of the 'Order of Merit'. With Prev winning for the 3rd time this season (only the second time in the societies history), 3 players are in contention, Chris T, John T and Michael P. Each has a low score to drop, Chris a 3, Prev a 2 and John a 1, it couldn't be closer. Prev will be playing off his lowest handicap - 17 and so the pressure will be on, Fair weather Thorp will obviously be hoping its dry and Chris T will have to be at his best; Sandford Springs will be an interesting outing!

Longest Drive - Hole 6 - Chris Turvill
NP 3 - Hole 18 - Chris Turvill
NP2 - Hole 2 - Darrell Domingo
NP - Hole 14 - Dave Shorter
Strongest Man - Alan Sutcliffe with 21 Points
Winner Michael Prevost with 34 Points
The winner, again, Michael Prevost - seen below with Captain Beard.

Roving reporter: Ian Turvill

You can see the full set of results on the results page

The current Order Of Merit can be seen here

A fine, slightly windy day saw us return to Hartley Wintney for the first time in several years. 23 players ventured out including our Pro who damaged his worn out knee (like most other parts of his body) and so required a buggy and forced an order change - fine! It was also nice to see a return of John Waghorn who played in his 98th event for the society and Paul Warren, who was dressed in rather sober colours to his normal loud oranges etc. The greens were hard but played well, most found it difficult to hold them but in general the course was in good condition.

To the course, well it would not be a bunkers report without mentioning 1st shot Shorter, yes back to his old ways, he managed the shortest tee shot of the day. However, on the 18th he was the first name on the longest drive and he was not in the first group either. Big hitters Chris T and Mark T had already been through but could not match the finesse that was required on a tricky tight tee shot. As proof a picture of the card is below:

Frazer has adopted a new cack-handed putting style, but it worked and is better than his one handed trial a few rounds ago.

Peter Carfrae manage to hit the bridge on the 12th only to be deflected onto the fairway, whereas Dave Shorter on the 11th hit the bridge from a low trajectory and the bounce that followed was vertically up and into the ditch beneath the bridge!

Paul Beard's eye sight is starting to fail, he took his tee shot on the par 3 17th - which landed in the bunker - whilst the group in front where preparing to putt! He said he thought they were on the 18th tee.

Alan Wood managed to chip into a bunker that was at least 45 degrees to his right.

Mark Turvill on the 12th managed to play the hole without using the fairway or even a putter as he holed his bunker shot, whereas playing partner Chris T on the same hole used the course in a conventional manor but managed to 4 putt!

Matt T holed a 35 foot putt on the first to rescue a par.

Michael Prevost after returning from an operation again played out of his socks, similar to his last operation where he won at Wokefield Park, as they say, beware of the injured golfer.

One mention must go to Paul Healy, winner of this match last year, yes a whole year ago yet he turned up with a non-engraved trophy - he deserved all the fines the captain issued.

To the skill prizes - was it the last groups day?!?
Nearest The Pin on 14th- Paul Warren
Longest Drive on 18th - Paul Warren
Nearest The Pin in 2 shots on 2nd - Macca
Nearest The Pin in 3 shots on 8th - Paul Healy (Only one not in last group!)
The winner with a creditable 37 points - Michael Prevost - seen below with Captain Beard.

Roving reporter: Ian Turvill

You can see the full set of results on the results page

The current Order Of Merit can be seen here

Badgemore greeted us with sunshine and our faithful marshal who I believe has been there since we first played, he does not look any older either! Advice given was taken by several players, though not necessarily put into practice. Two players did not comply with the captain's shirt request - shame on you Bryan and Dave Flavell - Dave did have a pink and white shirt in the car but for some strange reason chose not to wear one!

People practiced prior to teeing off, some just putting, others driving and some took bunker practice. Martin Green took the latter and was then seen looking for his ball in the rough through the practice area. He took longer than the permitted 5 minutes searching time but eventually found it, not a good omen for the day in front!

John 'Fair weather' Thorp's first Tee shot heading into the hedge on the left of the first tee at a great pace. As time elapsed and some chuntering a bruised ball made its way out of the hedge and landed in a playable position.

Captain Beard was caught using his phone on the course and subsequently fined himself, guests Darrel and Josh also joined him!!

28 handicapper Josh on one hole managed to chip in for a birdie and collect 4 points.

Colin T's tee shot on the 18th landed in front of those who were on the 17th Tee.

Frazer's 2nd shot on the dog leg 16th was seen heading towards the club house. No loud noise heard but from looking at the roof was not the first and no doubt will not be the last at hitting a wayward shot.

Macca visited the most bunkers on the course, probably more than the rest of the society put together.

The morning's 9 hole team competition where each player had to use three tee shots was a close game and the usual Hickory clubs made for interesting skill shots.

In the afternoon our captain issued Team Yellow balls which once again proved successful for some and disastrous for others. Tony Browne lost it on the first hole - 1st shot. Ian T lost it on the third with his first Tee shot with it. Another group even forgot to play with it for few holes!!

AM Team Competition
Winners: Bryan, Kevin H and Dave Evans.
Hickory Skill Prizes:
Nearest Pin on 4th Dave Evans
Longest Drive on 7th Mark Turvill

Winner - Captain Beard with 40 Points - a nice round number (Both points and player wise):
Yellow Ball Team
Paul Donlevy, Dave Evans & Martin Green
Longest Drive - Matt Turvill
Nearest The Pin - Mark Brogen
Nearest The Pin in 2 shots - Gary Bentley
Nearest The Pin in 3 shots - Mark Turvill

Winner Paul Beard with vice-captsain Dave Shorter

Roving reporter: Ian Turvill

You can see the full set of results on the results page

The current Order Of Merit can be seen here

Once work, wrong dates and illness were taken into account, 16 players ventured out onto a new course for Bunkers golf society. It was even warm and dry enough for fair weather Thorp!! So Four groups set out on the warm sunny day. The greens proved difficult for some, being very true but quick with some interesting borrows, others enjoyed the quality sinking many long putts. The rough did cause some issues and once in was difficult to recover, but then again the fairways are always the best place to play the game from!! The game provided us with our 5th different winner of the season although it was the fourth Turvill! Come on Colin, don't let the side down.

It was nice to see Chris Hebdon back out with us, looking very sun tanned, also two guests, Luke Peters - son of Tony and returning after a long absence Len Rutherford. We hope they enjoyed it and look forward to them coming out with us again in the future.

From the course:
  • Colin T on the 9th managed to hit a post square on to deflect his ball under the bridge.

  • On the Par 3 12th, Len R was having an issue with direction, he managed to chip and just miss playing partners Ian T and Peter C who were standing some way away from the flag, so the pair decided for his next chip shot back to stand next to the flag, was this to encourage him or was it the safest place to be!!

  • Darren Anderson, known for his macho no tops in cold or the wet actually wore a hat.

  • Our Captain of the Day, Dave '1st Tee Shorter', was not helped by barracking from son in law Matt, duffed his first Tee shot, but then came alive, won nearest the pin in 2 on the second and came in with 36 points, a highest point tally for Dave and was runner up for the event. Well done Dave.

  • Fair Weather Thorp had a bit of a nightmare day, struggled to get air born off the Tee's and on the 13th, where he did manage to get over the water, took a 9 iron putter and ended up a few feet from the flag.

  • The 18th provided a lot of discussion, many players being either brave or foolish and quite a few taking the Kentucky route over the water.

  • Some of the fines:
  • Chris T for giving the wrong date to one of his guests.

  • Colin T for not taking his hat off on the 18th before shaking hands with playing partners.

  • Chris H for getting into the dining room only then to leave and delay dinner.

  • 14 players sitting down before the captain.

  • Tony P and Darren for choice of smart casual shirts - pretty pink and white and dazzling zig zag crosses.

  • Our next event is Captains day at Badgemore Park, remember shirt colours - Pink or White are the only acceptable colours.

    Winner - Chris Turvill with 37 points
    2nd Place - Dave Shorter with 36 Points
    Strongest Man - Luke Peters who lost on count back to Len Rutherford
    Nearest The Pin - hole 17 - Matt Turvill
    Nearest The Pin in 2 shots - hole 2 - Dave Shorter
    Nearest The Pin in 3 shots - hole 18 - Chris Hebdon
    Longest Drive - hole 10 - Chris Turvill

    Winner Chris Turvill with vice-captsain Dave Shorter

    Roving reporter: Ian Turvill

    You can see the full set of results on the results page

    The current Order Of Merit can be seen here

    The wettest day in the week, in fact the only wet day of the week saw East Berks host bunkers once again. Personally, I have never managed to play this course in dry weather!! 19 players were on the list, dropped on the day to 17. John Sweeney had the delhi belly, confirmed by an S&M society member and then there was Fair Weather Thorpe - worried he may shrink in the wash. Wishful thinking - More likely to have been washed away. But the 17 stalwart attendee's Teed off wearing full wets with some strange hats. Paul Healy must win the prize for most imaginative, was it Mary Poppins look alike, to be honest, it looked strange but was probably the most effective:

    Two other players, Bryan Carter (worried about rust on the new hip joint) and Alan Sutcliffe walked off after the 16th, no doubt disgusted they missed the 16th green, like the rest of us and so failed to win the last skill prize.

    The biggest news of the day, ignoring the rain, must be Dave 'first tee' Shorter, well he reached the fairway, in fact a reasonable distance down the fairway, the group in front looking back were not sure what had happened seeing three balls on the fairway and the remainder waiting to tee off cheered loudly, not sure what the starter thought. But even better, he made Par!! Still, such a shock it was well worth a fine.

    The first Tee obviously went to his head, a hole or two later, a great shot was met with a groan as he realised he was aiming at the wrong hole!!

    Matt Turvill, boasted about his longest drive on the skill prize hole - to be later beaten by Darren - then managed, from 90 yards to take so many shots to blob the hole.

    Darren 'Macho' Anderson who earlier in the year played without a top in really cold conditions this time did not even wear a wet top.

    Paul Beard wore his wet top into the club house from the car park only to realise it was not wet proof at all. Not being as Macho as Darren, visited the pro shop before getting to the first tee with a new wet proof garment.

    On the Par 3 9th, Derek Carter took out a driver, Ian T and Paul H - playing partners looked at each other after having just used 6 irons. Well, hats off to Derek who knows his game well and at least was on the green!

    With the course having only one par 5, it was decided to have two nearest the pins on tricky par 3's. The last was on the 16th, and out of 17 players, 17 missed the green.

    To the results:
    Winner - Matt Turvill with 30 points
    Strongest Man - Captain Beard
    Nearest The Pin on the 5th - Michael Prevost
    Nearest The Pin on the 16th - No one
    Nearest The Pin in 2 shots - Matt Turvill
    Longest Drive - Darren Anderson

    Winner Matt Turvill

    Roving reporter: Ian Turvill

    You can see the full set of results on the results page

    The current Order Of Merit can be seen here

    Mill Ride provided a warm, welcome, sunny start but windy which eventually went cloudy and cooled off. Warm enough for some white legs to appear and strange coloured shorts to go with them. The course was very dry (apart from the water hazards) which then required pitching prior to the greens to allow for the run in and some greens were a little bumpy in places. Our meal after was a curry which was enjoyed. The course once again proved both long and tricky with a few balls ending up either in the water or nowhere to be seen in the woods.

    It was good to see Martin Green return again as a guest and is obviously not being put off by us members - and has since joined as per qualification rules.

    A few notes from the course:
  • A tough, long course for the majority which saw a chunk of the society match scores of previous years, 26-31 points. But today, somebody managed 40 points, how, his first shot was a sharp pull, not a snap hook, no, just played for a slice but he hit it straight - theirs a first. Well done Mr Michael Prevost (best captain ever!!), a massive 9 point winning margin.

  • Frazer was seen on side of the 12th Green mimicking some Morris Dancers, well actually avoiding Dave Flavell's attempt to hit him, but the nimble footed Frazer avoided the ball.

  • Some teams found it hard to read the greens and so allowed for borrows that just weren't there.

  • The skill prizes prompted a lot of discussion. Chosen by yours truly and fined by the Captain for a skill prize on the first, NP3 missed totally buy the first 3 groups! NP missed by 16 of the 17 players - only Captain Beard managed to stay on the green - just! , LD - a tighter than the usual wide fairway, a target set by the first group only to be beaten by one player in the last group. Unlucky Dave Flavell, well done Chris T.

  • It wouldn't be a bunkers event, attended by Dave Shorter, without a mention of the first Tee. Well, First Tee Shorter continued with his antic's - he managed this time to hit the bushes immediately to the left of the tee, short by name, short by tee shot. I will point out that after this, his 17 other Tee shorts went quite well forward - not long but straight!!

  • To some of the fines (apart from those above):
  • Paul Healy was obviously very nervous on the first Tee, so he gave a fashion show, how many ways can you wear the same top - he must see a style councillor

  • Yours truly for taking a shot like a dwarf with a full size club. Having to stand in a bunker to play his ball on the lip of the bunker and so held the shaft about 150mm above the club face.

  • Martin Green did not spot the 1 acre of water to the left of the 2nd fairway. Then proceeded to put two balls in the third lake - he saw this one, then almost took out the ducks with the next shot.

  • Mark T, decided to lay up on the par 5 -10th and so have a 120 yard shot to the green. Well, that was the plan; shame the execution did not match the plan. His lay-up shot reached the water!

  • Darren Anderson marking my card managed to lose it on the 17th, it was found - two groups later by our captain - FINE!!

  • To the results:
    Raffle was won by Bryan Carter
    Longest Drive - Hole 13 - Chris Turvill
    Nearest the Pin in 3 shots - Hole 1 - Chris Turvill
    Nearest the Pin in 2 shots - Hole 6 - Bryan Carter
    Nearest the Pin - Hole 10 - Paul Beard
    Strongest Man - Dave Flavell

    Winner Michael Prevost with a sublime 40 Points (below in photo with Captain Beard) - well done Prev - showing everyone else how to play the game!

    Roving reporter: Ian Turvill

    You can see the full set of results on the results page

    The current Order Of Merit can be seen here

    Burnham Beeches hosted our second event of 2015, the weather mixed sunny/cloudy but warm and dry. It was nice to see many of the group in shirt sleeves for at least part of the round. 18 players took part including 2 guests which is always nice to see. We hope they enjoyed it enough to return at a future event.

    A few notes from the course:
  • On the first Tee, our captain prepared to hit the ball when, wait for it, "ring ring" was a sound emanating from his pocket. Could this be a phone?? Tutt Tutt, but even better it was Frazer from afar reporting that Macca was running late. Big Fine.

  • Dave Shorter continues with his first Tee shot Jinx.

  • Captain Beard's diet continues having ordered a fruit salad for desert. Not long left until his daughter gets married then it will back to normal.

  • Dave Flavell had an air shot on the first Tee, followed by two great shots only to then just miss his Par putt but a credible bogey.

  • Dave Flavell went into 3 bunkers in a row but managed to roll straight out of them, it was only on the back 9 did he actually stay in one.

  • Paul Beard found it hard to read the greens for pace, yours truly commented, he was either too short or over weight - kind of his stature really - whoops here comes a fine!

  • Both Dave Shorter and Michael Prevost managed to take divots before the ball and leave the ball untouched!!

  • Many people 3 putted - even Macca, who won nearest the pin in 2 managed to 3 putt for a bogey. Colin T even managed to 4 putt.

  • Darren Anderson managed to find almost a bunker a hole, sometimes 2!

  • To some of the fines:
  • John Thorp for the jacket he had on.

  • Peter Carfrae for not bringing a jacket

  • Matt Turvill obviously not used to wearing a Tie managed to dunk it in his beer.

  • John Thorp conjured up 3 blobs in the last three holes - handicap protection?

  • Chris Turvill fined on NP in 3 hole after boasting his 3rd shot came from a bunker - not adjacent the green when our captain had a simple approach shot only to be too heavy - again!

  • To the results:
    Raffle was won by Michael Prevost
    Longest Drive - Hole 4 - John Thorp ... again
    Nearest the Pin in 3 shots - Hole 16 - Chris Turvill
    Nearest the Pin in 2 shots - Hole 7 - Macca
    Nearest the Pin - Hole 10 - Dave Wood ... again
    Strongest Man - Peter Carfrae
    Winner of the Bunkers Trophy Ian Turvill 32 Points
    Event Winner, guest Martin Green, with 33 points

    Roving reporter: Ian Turvill

    You can see the full set of results on the results page

    The current Order Of Merit can be seen here

    We returned to Pine Ridge for our first outing of 2015, weather was kind to us - relatively mild but at least dry with some wind. We did not see the issues of our last visit with a steady round by the majority. The course played well with all Greens in play and just a couple on temporary tees.

    We welcome our new bionic trio, Bryan C with a new hip, Tony Peters a new Knee and Colin Turvill with half a knee. The winter has also produced a new leaner version of Frazer - losing 22lbs so far - well done Frazer and Paul Beard, limiting his food intake and asking for Fresh Fruit - all to get into a suit for his daughter's wedding in a few weeks.

    We have a new member - John Sweeney (alias 'The Slug') has joined us, it was also nice to see Jim Samuel back playing with us and hope he will be out some more later in the year.

    A few notes from the course:
  • John Thorp heading for winning score only to play the wrong ball on the last hole - whoops and fine awaiting him.

  • Jim Samuel obviously has not played for a while and playing off his handicap of 6 struggled but still managed to beat our captain.

  • Captain Beard's diet may of played against his game as his swing did not need to be so rounded; he was seen a lot in the tree's!

  • Michael Prevost playing the Par 5 - 6th was a bit left right down the hole - did he play the fairway? Ended up short of the green behind trees. He did have shot forward through a wide gap, practiced then took his shot - miss hit it only to find the narrowest of gaps between two other trees to end up in a great position on the green.

  • Colin managed to be goodie too shoes and did not get fined - better bring extra change for the next game.

  • Paul Healy forgetting to shout fore as his wayward tee shot on the 17th came very close to the group in front. Rumours of a dead "Slug" on the course were a bit wide of the mark - as can be seen in the evidence submitted to Judge Beard below.

  • To some of the fines:
  • John Thorp for the amount of clothes he had on.

  • Ian T for breaking his trolley before we started the round and forcing the captain to change playing order.

  • Prev's stylish (purvey) warm up on the first Tee.

  • Prev's dog towel!!

  • Dave Wood for being late and then a suit and boots.

  • Tony Peters - birdied the 3rd hole with nothing but skanky shots - also with quiff addition to his hair style

  • Jim Samuel for taking the mick out of Tony P's hair style

  • Woody, Bryan and John T for not showering

  • Bryans Operation seems to have left him with a limp and a bladder problem - requiring visits to the tree's most holes

  • Raffle was won by Frazer

    Longest Drive - Hole 8 - John Thorp
    NP 3 - Hole 18 - Bryan Carter
    NP2 - Hole 11 - John Sweeney (he also won this last time - same course different hole)
    NP - Hole 6 - Dave Wood
    Strongest Man - Captain Beard 20 Points
    Winner Mark Turvill 40 Points (below in photo with Captain Beard - well done Mark!

    Also in addition the presentation of the 2014 Order Of Merit trophy to the winner, Dave Wood. Better late than never!

    Roving reporter: Ian Turvill

    You can see the full set of results on the results page

    The current Order Of Merit can be seen here