News for 2006

20th November 2006
The minutes from the 2006 AGM are now online on the Members & Committee pages.

The prize presentation (and a few drinks) will be held on Friday 26th January 2007 at a venue in Chertsey yet to be determined. Please keep this date in your diary and look out for confirmation of venue.

3rd October 2006
A good turn out for the last event of the year saw 19 players fight there way round a chilly overcast day. Stroke play was the order of the day, and some took this to heart and played a lot of strokes - trying to get their money's worth I'd say.

Amongst the highlights from the course were:
  • Steve Dyett on the 3rd hole, duffed his 3rd shot into the greenside bunker. Luckily for Steve the bunker was flooded so he was able to drop out. He promptly holed the 40 yard chip for a par.
  • Micky Eagle on the stroke index 1 6th, 5 shots of the tee, he'd racked up 8 shots before he reached the dog leg.
  • Frazer Webb on the 16th tee, tee-shot almost succede in taking Micky Eagle's head off whilst he was standing by the 15th green. It was Frazer's provisional tee shot as well, after loosing his first in the trees.
  • Mark Turvill taking 5 off the tee, only to find his original ball without problems.

  • And now the winners. A stonking gross-par round from Bryan Carter blew most of the field away, resulting in Bryan scoring a net 10 under par. For the fourth time this season, nearly man Jim Samuel was close behind in second with a net 7 under par. Well done Bryan for a superb round. Steve Dyett bagged the Longest Drive, Chris Turvill the Nearest the Pin, and Ian Turvill grabbed the Nearest the Pin in 2 shots prize. Well done to everyone.

    This was the last event of the year so there was one more prize to resolve - the Order of Merit. Although Jim Samuel rallied into 2nd again on this event, his consistent play this season, 4 2nd places, 1 3rd place, has put Jim at the top of the final Order of Merit, with an overall on-handicap-average of 36 stableford points. Well done Jim!

    The full results for this event are here.

    The Merit stats and handicaps have been updated.

    15th September 2006
    16 players on a very windy overcast day. 38 points was being bandied around as the winning score before play started. As people tee'd off on the first and a lot of people duffed there tee-shots out of bounds or into the woods, combined with the realization of how undulating the course was and the high wind, the expected winning mark was rapidly reduced :-)

    Amongst the highlights from the course were:
  • Colin Turvill and Frazer Webb juggling their balls badly and making double hits on two different holes.
  • Mark Harris doing a bit of woodland rearrangement after stuffing his ball inside the trunk of a tree!
  • Jim Samuel on the last, by then had got fed up and couldn't be bothered to stand in the bunker to play a shot, so he back-handed the ball ... which only just missed the cup.
  • Ian Turvill on the 10th hole - his tee-shot just crept off the tee box, 2nd shot was an 8 iron to the heart of the green and a 20 foot putt to get him a par. Just shows you don't have to hit good tee-shots to score points :-)
  • There is a permanent tribute to Micky Eagle's buggy driving abilities on this web site. So why Micky tried to repeat the feet we don't know. He was sharing a buggy with Michael Shepherd - neither can drive! Luckily this time there was to be no run-in with a tree.
  • A special mention has been requested for the best dressed man on the course. Jim Samuel's purple psychedelic camouflage jacket is certainly the leader in this years fashion stakes. As a result Jim has determined to burn the jacket at the earliest chance.

  • And now the winners. 38 points was not quite hit, but Mark Turvill played a solid round in the conditions to bring home the prize with an on handicap score of 36. Well done Mark. Close behind was a hobbling Michael Shepherd on 35 points - amazing how he managed that as every time we saw him he was on the wrong fairway! Mark Turvill also bagged the Longest Drive, his father Colin grabbed the Nearest the Pin, and Tony Peters grabbed the Nearest the Pin in 2 shots prize. Well done to everyone.

    The full results for this event are here.

    The Merit stats and handicaps have been updated.

    7th August 2006
    15 players for the all day event! Not the best turn out we've had!

    The weather was warm and overcast throughout the whole day.

    The morning stint was a team event of best 2 of 3 stableford points, with the afternoon the Individual Stableford competition, The Captain's Cup.

  • Unfortunately there was no Longest Drive due to the 1st group leaving the marker too far down the fairway with no name on!!!
  • Steve Dyett won the Nearest the Pin prize but 3 putted from very short distance.
  • Mark Turvill played his 3rd shot on the 15th from 6 foot up a tree, like a pick axe.

  • All the teams performed well in the morning with the best scoring a combined 78 points, with the worst still coming in with 69 points. Well done to Simon Park, Mark Turvill & Michael Prevost. Nearest the Pin and Nearest the Pin in 2 shots were both nabbed by Steve Dyett.

    The afternoon highlights were:
  • Ross Rennie drove the par 4 6th whilst the group in front were still on the green ... he got inside all of their balls!!!
  • Stuart Marshall saw a snake on the 17th, but it didn't prevent him making his par.
  • At the dinner table, Darren "Dusty Bin" Buckley, made sure no food was left on the table by clearing all the food in sight.

  • And now the winners for the afternoon. Storming to the top of the field was Stuart Marshall With 41 points however as Stuart is a guest he is not eligible to take the cup so the cup went to Paul Donlevy with 37 points. Well done both. The "hole" prizes went as follows - Paul Donlevy took the Nearest the Pin, and Paul Warren took the Nearest the Pin in 2 shots, and Simon Park took the Longest Drive.

    The Merit stats and handicaps have been updated.

    24th July 2006
    14 players, very hot and sunny.

    News from the course:
  • Frazer Webb on 13th dambusting his second shot into the lake, only to see it bounce out again and onto the fairway.
  • Micky Eagle on the 15th being chase around the green by a wasp.
  • Chris Fellas also falling foul of wasps, but this time his practice shot hit the ground and opened up a wasps nest which he had to run away from.
  • Mark Harris - 1st 7 holes resulted in 4 blobs, 6 lost balls and an amazing 3 points!

  • Ian Turvill headed a very close top of the field to come away with the prize. Unfortunately for Jim Samuel he mucked up the last two holes to yet again end up in 2nd place - this is now his 3rd 2nd place in a row. Well done Ian, commiserations (again) Jim. The prize holes went to Tony Peters for Longest Drive, Paul Warren for Nearest the Pin, and Jim Samuel for Nearest the Pin in 2 shots.

    The Merit stats and handicaps have been updated.

    16th June 2006
    18 players, nice weather - what more could you ask for on a work day :-)

    News from the course:
  • Steve Dyett teeing of on the 8th tee, landed his ball on the 7th tee .... just as Bryan Carter had finished his tee shot!
  • Frazer Webb starting off well, Par'ing the 1st and 2nd holes ..... unfortunately each was with the second ball he'd hit off the tee!!!
  • Micky Eagle ended his round with a 5 point eagle on the Par 5 18th, unfortunately this was 5 points from a grand total of 26 so the rest of the round was not as good.
  • Bryan Carter birdieing one of the Par 4's but his ball never actually got more than 5 feet of the ground!
  • John Waghorn on the longest drive 18th hole, hitting his tee shot into the ditch, hitting the wood trim around the side and it coming back past the ladies tee. His next shot didn't make it back past the ladies tee either as it went sideways into the trees!
  • 19th hole Mark Turvill complaining that he didn't want any "of that green stuff" on his dinner ...... vegetables :-)

  • After a couple of months of having new winners we seem to be back to normal with a regular taking the win. Paul Warren headed a closely fought battle with 45 points, very closely followed by Jim Samuel who seems to be making a habit of coming second! Well done Paul, commiserations Jim. Well done in fact to the top 8 who all scored handicap or better. The prize holes went to Simon Park for Nearest the Pin, and Paul Warren for Nearest the Pin in 2 shots (again), and Micky Eagle for Longest Drive.

    The Merit stats and handicaps have been updated.

    The dates for the remainder of 2006 have now been released:
  • July 24th - Traditions
  • August 7th - Bramley (36 holes)
  • September 15th - Wycombe Heights
  • October 3rd - Birds Hill
  • 15th May 2006
    Another poor showing of just 15 players - come on guys we have to start doing better than this, we need more players - there was serious doubt whether we would have enough to play this event!

    Quite a few titbits of news from the course:
  • Longest Drive on the 18th was abandoned - 1st group out forgot to take the markers with them :-o
  • Mark Turvill's round got off to a good start as he toe'd his 1st tee shot 90 degrees to the right - although he did par the hole with his second ball
  • Micky Eagle went through a half hour huff after loosing his straight tee shot on the 1st.
  • The first group out, Ian Turvill, Chris Turvill and Frazer Webb had some almighty tee shots. On the Nearest the Pin on 2 shots hole (12th) none of the group had even found the fairway after two shots let alone got anywhere near the green. 2 holes later on the par 3 14th, the same group had 6 tee shots between them and no one got near the green!
  • Frazer Webb had an eventful end to his round. By the time he got to the 16th his game had fallen apart, and managed to blob the hole before he'd got past the ladies tee. He followed this up with an unspectacular blob on the 17th, but on the 18th he'd got so fed up that his 3rd shot (which was just past the ladies tee) was a case of dumping the bag, snatching any old club from the bag, walking up to the ball and hitting it without addressing it - as Murphy's Law dictates it was his best shot of the day!
  • Mind you Frazer wasn't the only one to be suffering near the end of the round, a whole group managed to blob the 17th before they got anywhere near the green - well done to Micky Eagle, John Waghorn and Tony Peters.
  • If the Longest drive had been running, it's probable that Jim Samuel would have been in contention. On an earlier hole, Jim hit his drive so far he ran out of fairway and ended up on the fringe in front of the green. Measured out as a 340 yard drive!

  • With all that going on, you'd think no one was playing well, but in fact for the second month running we've had a new winner. Michael Prevost has been known to be the strongest man in the field on occasions, but turned in a blinding performance this time to bag 39 points and the win .... bye, bye, handicap! Well done Prevo! A close second was Jim Samuel with 37 points. And well done to all the others who scored. The prize holes went to Frazer Webb for Nearest the Pin, and Paul Warren for Nearest the Pin in 2 shots.

    The Merit stats and handicaps have been updated.

    The dates for the remainder of 2006 have now been released:
  • June 16th - Downshire
  • July 24th - Traditions
  • August 7th - Bramley (36 holes)
  • September 15th - Wycombe Heights
  • October 3rd - Birds Hill
  • 24th April 2006
    Forgive the shortness of this report, the roving reporter was not in attendance so is relying on third hand accounts.

    A worryingly small crowd gathered for this famous event - 12 people - come on everyone hustle up some more players somewhere - we are in danger of having to cancel events at this rate.

    As mentioned, the roving reporter was not roving so there's no news from the course. However, that's not to say that nothing dramatic happened - that's all in the results.

    John Waghorn is one of the founder members, and has valiantly competed without succeeding ..... up til now. John put in a fantastic round to score 40 points and win the trophy. Hopefully this will give John lots of confidence and we'll see him back on the winners rostrum again soon. A very popular result, and very well done. The hole winners this time: Chris Turvill gaining an extra point for the Longest Drive ....... again! Michael Shepherd with the Nearest the Pin and Ian Turvill with Nearest the Pin in 2 shots. Well done all.

    The Merit stats and handicaps have been updated.

    24th March 2006
    Windy start to the season saw most of the field struggle some what with the course.

    16 people turnout was not bad for the start of the season, but we need more ideally, highlights include:
  • John Waghorn playing from the top of one of the "sand martins" on the Deception hole - the one with the big ravine in the middle of the fairway!
  • Mark Turvill who gave up on the 17th without getting past the pond! Tee shot into pond, dropped and next shot into pond, gave up!
  • Paul Warren got his name on the Nearest the Pin in 2 shots early in the round, but then went on to 3 putt from about 15 feet away!
  • Identical putting abilities were to be seen on the 12th hole as Frazer Webb got his name on the Nearest the Pin early in the round, and then went on to 3 putt from about 12 feet away!
  • Chris Turvill on the 2nd hole, tee shot hit the bridge and went 90 degree out of bounds - recovered to make bogie.
  • Mark Harris broke his bag before he even started the round!
  • Colin Turvill on the 9th, plopped one in the pond - only for a bit of backspin to drag it back out!
  • Longest Drive was eventful. Mark Turvill was desperate not to have to put his name on the board marking his drive as longest - all 60 yards of it. Luckily for Mark, someone else in his group had stayed on the fairway.

  • And to round off, a few non-course events:
  • Steve Dyett dropping a pound coin (accidentally) into Bryan Carter's pint ....... must have been to help out with the following ......
  • An empty envelope (minus money) that was sent into the Secretary by Bryan Carter!

  • And now for the winners. Sticking to handicap and playing the best was Chris Turvill, well done Chris. The hole winners this time: Chris Turvill gaining an extra point for the Longest Drive. Steve Dyett with the Nearest the Pin and Mark Harris with Nearest the Pin in 2 shots. Well done all.

    The Merit stats and handicaps have been updated.

    27th February 2006
    The first few events of the season have now been confirmed and are listed below. Further details re cost, timings, dress code, etc will be distributed nearer the relevant dates.
  • Friday March 24th - Sand Martins
  • Monday April 24th - Wexham Park
  • Monday May 15th - Richings Park

  • Please note: Increasingly we are seeing courses requiring a minimum number of players before accepting a booking. Please, please, please canvas your friends and colleagues and encourage them to come along and join us on these days - we need more players to be safe and enable us to book the courses we'd want to play.

    2nd February 2006
    The 2006 web site has now been launched in preperation for the upcoming season. Pre-season handicap adjustments will be posted soon, along with details of known events for this year.