News for 2001

12th November 2001
The final handicap changes for the 2001 season have now been posted. Go see the handicaps page to see what your new handicap is.
26th October 2001
Well, all I can say about the weather today was that it was wet! Not surprisingly this resulted in many low scores amongst the regulars. However there were two notable points from the rounds that were put in. One was obviously the winner - young Mark Turvill, who happens to be the youngest member of the society at just 12 years of age, blew the rest of the field away with a masterly points tally of 39. Well played to Mark - unfortunately for him this means his handicap has been slashed big time! The other round of note was from one of our first time guests. The race for the wooden spoon for the lowest game score this year has been hotly fought for throughout the season, with Prevo trying his best to get the lowest score on a number of occasions. So it was received with amazement and some disbelief when Richard Connelly bagged the honour with an awe inspiring 5 points! Seriously though, even with the weather everyone still seemed to enjoy themselves.

Changes to handicaps as a result of the Stockley Park game have not yet been calculated as the Handicap secretary is sunning himself on Sydney Harbour Bridge! If he manages to find his way back, they'll get posted here!

Oh, one last thing to mention. The Order of Merit: this was eventually won by Steve Dyett, after playing only three games (the minimum required). However, it has to be noted that Nick Thomas (a non-member) has actually equalled Steve Dyett's average, but by virtue of being to stingy to join as a member (even though his wife told him he was stupid not to) Nick has lost out on a share of the honours! Oh well, maybe he'll learn to follow his wife's orders soon :-)

This rounds of the first proper season for Bunkers Golf Society. The Committee and all the members would like to say thank you to all the Clubs who have put up with us, and all the guests who have come along at some stage to partake in the exploits. We hope to see more of you guests becoming members next season.

The Committee will be in contact with you all soon to inform you of the dates and hopefully some venues for next season. Until then, good luck to one and all, hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year, keep those clubs safe, and Prevo ..... you'd better ask Santa for a load of new golf balls for Christmas!
22nd September 2001
The calling notice for the final event of 2001 has now been distributed. The event will be held at Stockley Park on 26th October. The itinerary for the day is:
  11:40am   Meet for optional coffee
  12:16pm   1st Tee, 18 hole Individual Stableford competition
  17:15pm   Dinner and prize giving
Please note that the dress code for this event is SMART CASUAL.
21st September 2001
The inaugural Bunkers 36-hole day went down very well, although not many of the members actually won anything. Almost all of the prizes earnt during the day went to the small band of guests who joined us.

Firstly, the morning event. It was a singles stableford competition played over 18 holes. The outright winner was Paul Risk who was obviously a bandit as he was playing of a huge 28 (not for much longer!). Paul's 38 points swamped the rest of the field. The next two places in the competition went to the other two guests on the day - 2nd place to Nick Thomas and third place to Ken Hall, both with 33 points. Bunkers is obviously attracting too many bandits and ringers!!

The only other mention from the morning was a rather odd result to the Longest Drive competition. It was won by Paul Warren who drove a stonking tee-shot down the 16th fairway to win the award ..... with a 4-iron!! As you will know, Paul is our secretary and in collusion with our Captain picked the Longest Drive hole such that a wood could not be used else you'd end up in the drink.
A stewards enquiry was held, but the filly had already passed the post and was awarded the win!

Then came the afternoon, and much sore feet and sorry score cards. The afternoon was a pairs event, although there was one handicapped threesome! Mind you with some of the performances that came in this afternoon, most of the players were handicapped ... mainly by their partners! The result of the competition provided the proof we needed to back up the claims that our guests were indeed bandits, as guest partnership Paul Risk and Nick Thomas claimed the top spot with a combined total of 73 points. Hot on their heels though was the members duo of Nigel Warren and Steve Dyett. Nigel and Steve had celebrated in the club house thinking that there 72 point haul would not be beaten, but alas.
Although Nigel did not win the Pairs, he was seen to be jumping up and down with joy from the 18th hole all the way through the night and probably well into the weekend. Some of us were privileged to see a putt of his that could surely make the Guinness Book of Records. From at least 25 feet of the 18th green, Nigel audaciously slammed in a putt that measured more than 65 feet, recording him a birdie on the final par 5! Nigel's grin could be seen in Cheshire!

All in all, a great and very eventful day, but it did not stop there. After a brief preliminary add up of the new Order of Merit, Paul Risk decided there and then to become a member of the society - all because he is second in the new Order of Merit and only a member can win it! Good luck Paul - hope you do yourself justice in the last event at Stockley Park. Current Order of Merit.
28th August 2001
The calling notice for the Sand Martins event on 21st September has been circulated, so please make sure you get your monies to the Treasurer by Friday 14th September. Please remember that the Sand Martins event is an all day 36 hole event. The format for this event is a 18 hole individual stableford competition in the morning, and a blind pairs 18 hole stableford competition in the afternoon. Both rounds will count towards the Order of Merit league.

Members should also note that a change of venue has been announced for the final event of the year on 26th October. Instead of being played at Coulsdon Manor, this event has now moved to Stockley Park. Calling notices for this event will be handed out at the Sand Martins event.
24th August 2001
Congratulations to Nigel Warren on his 42 point win today at AirLinks Golf Club. Nigel has been close to winning a number of previous events this year but always seemed to get pipped at the finishing post. This time there was no mistake - he absolutely slaughtered the back nine to produce one of the highest 9 hole stableford scores we've ever seen. A side effect of this big win is his jump to the top of the Order of Merit.
21st July 2001
All society members please note that the next event will not take place at Stockley Park as previously announced. The reserve choice of AirLinks has been booked instead. The calling notice for the AirLinks event on 24th August has been circulated, so please make sure you get your monies to the Treasurer by Friday 17th August.
20th July 2001
Congratulations to Keith Tilley on his 41 point win yesterday at Chobham Golf Club. It was only the second time we'd seen Keith at an event this season, but it has done a huge amount for his position in the Order of Merit.
7th July 2001
The latest Order of Merit has been published on the site.
26th June 2001
Wow, yesterday was hot! Under the blisteringly-hot gaze of the sun, 16 gallant individuals gathered to play at Downshire Golf Club yesterday. All appeared to have a good time, plenty of liquids were drunk .... oh, and the competitions where close.

Unlike other events, a Pairs Stableford competition was held in conjunction with the normal Individual Stableford, Nearest the Pin and Longest Drive awards.

The pairs stableford was closely fought, with two pairs on 70 points each. After using "countback" it was confirmed that Paul Warren (22) and Micky Summers (28) were the lucky recipients of the pairs prize. The Nearest the Pin and Longest Drive went to the same person - Richard Collins (14) - a first time guest at the society. Finally, the Individual Stableford winner was announced - again it was closely fought at the top, with two people managing an individual score of 39 points. Unfortunately for Nigel Warren (17), he managed to miss the prize owing to a lower score on the back nine, so the individual honours went to Frazer Webb (24). Frazer's recently decreased handicap (28 to 24) has disappeared to be replaced by a meager 20 for the next event - Frazer can currently be seen waving goodbye to any chance of another win! :-)
25th June 2001
The calling notice for the Fifth Event of 2001 has been dispatched; it will be held at Chobham Golf Club on 19th July 2001; entries must be received by the Treasurer before 13th July 2001. It was also announced that the location for the August event may not be Stockley Park. Although the August date will not change, the venue will be confirmed nearer the date.
31st May 2001
Congratulations to Chris Turvill for his stonking round of 76 ..... yes you read that right ..... 76 TOTAL SHOTS around Chiddingfold yesterday afternoon. His 13 handicap is now long gone, and everyone waits with baited breath to hear what his revised handicap will be. Rumours abound that single figures is in the offing, but as Chris is the Handicap secretary, this is unlikely! :-)
30th May 2001
The calling notice for the Fourth Event of 2001 has been dispatched; it will be held at Downshire Golf Club on 25th June 2001; entries must be received by the Secretary before 18th June 2001. It was announced that a pairs stableford competition would be held at Downshire. The pairings would be drawn on the day with each pair playing in the same foursome group.

Also announced were the dates, venues and formats for the remaining 2001 fixtures:
19th May 2001
The calling notice for the Third Event of 2001 has been dispatched; it will be held at Chiddingfold Golf Club on 30th May 2001; entries must be received by the Secretary before 16th May 2001.