Below is what has happened so far in 2019, and what is to come. If you are already a member, then you know how to sign up to play, if you are not then contact us and we'll tell you what you need to join us as a guest.
Cuddington Thursday 7th March 2019
18 holes John Thorp Full results/news
Burnham Beeches Wednesday 27th March 2019
18 holes John Thorp Full results/news
Weybrook Park Tuesday 30th April 2019
18 holes Luke Peters Full results/news
Calcot Park Wednesday 22nd May 2019
18 holes Ian Turvill Full results/news
Tylney Park Thursday 13th June 2019
18 holes Colin Turvill Full results/news
The Drift Wednesday 10th July 2019
27 holes Chris Turvill Full results/news
Burhill - Old Course Monday 5th August 2019
18 holes Ray Steele Full results/news
Leatherhead Thursday 12th September 2019
18 holes John Furness Full results/news
Lambourne Tuesday 8th October 2019
18 holes Bryan Carter Full results/news
Goring and Streatley
Monday 11th November 2019
First tee: 10.00am
18 holes  
Thursday 12th December 2019
First tee: 10:32am
18 holes  
Bird Hills
Monday 30th December 2019
First tee: 10.30am
18 holes